Youth Protection

Coordinates international exchange experiences for high school students as part of the RI Youth Exchange. Arriving students are hosted and others are selected to participate.

Why Join:   It’s a small effort each year that changes the life of a few high school students, forever.     More importantly, the “ripple effect” world-wide is extraordinary.  Join the committee and find out why.

What do we do:  Our job is to manage:

  1. Our “outbounds”:   do outreach and interviews to identify 2 or 3 juniors who can act as ambassadors for our Club and our County for their Junior year in High School. 
  2. Our “inbounds” Monitor our “inbound” from another country as he/she immerses in his/her junior year in a San Jose Unified High School
  3. The interface with our Rotary District to find other Rotary Clubs to “adopter” our 2nd and 3rd choice as a result of our interview process.

Time Commitment:

We have 5 or 6 “call in” meetings a year.   These generally last 30 minutes and typically occur at 5pm. 

We have an annual “YEC Brunch” in August where we welcome our “inbound” and say goodbye to our “outbound”.  Our host family and our outbounds families attend too.

Late September through October involves a time commitment of 3 evenings (1 to 2 hours) and a Saturday morning.  

  • Evening #1:  School District outreach meeting.  Usually at Willow Glen High School.  interested High school Students from all over the District attend to find out more about the program and the application Process
  • Evening #2:  Each committee member reviews the applications individually and ranks them (this takes about an hour or two on your own time)
  • Evening #3:  The committee meets by phone to review the rankings and create a “short list” of 6 to 8 students who we bring in for formal interviews.
  • Saturday:  The committee blocks out 3 to 4 hours to complete individual, 30 minute interviews, with each of the short list applicants and their parents.

 There is some individual follow up as some committee members volunteer to check in as the “counselor” to our inbound or outbound.   Likewise, some of our committee members have hosted an inbound.  And some of our committee members will invite our “inbound” for dinner or a Sharks game, or some family activity.  If you are interested. Reach out to Carl  Salas at


OnLine Youth Protection Awareness Training

OnLine Youth Protection Certification Training

District Youth Forms for Policies and Guidlines

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Youth Protection Requirements By Committees

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Youth Protection Agreement for Individuals

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