Wednesday 12:00 PM

Rotary Summit Center
88 S. 4th St.
7th Floor
San Jose, CA
Lunch $20 (cash or check, parking included)



The Syd Hardt Legacy Society Our Lasting Impact on the World

As Rotarians, we care about the world we live in and we want to leave it better than how we found it.

To ensure that the good we have helped create will endure for generations to come, let us become members of the Syd Hardt Legacy Society by naming the Rotary Club of San Jose Foundation in our estate plan. It's easy! For details, information and FAQs CLICK HERE.

President Carl aims to have a hundred of us (at least) become members of the Syd Hardt Legacy Society.

A fitting celebration of our Club's 100th Anniversary!

Let's. Just. Do. It.