Wednesday 12:00 PM

Rotary Summit Center
88 S. 4th St.
7th Floor
San Jose, CA
Lunch $20 (cash or check, parking included)



Red Badge

The Red Badge Committee provides new Members with an opportunity to meet and work with other new Members while learning about Club committees, the Endowment and Rotary International. All Members who have been Members of the Rotary Club of San Jose for less than one year are members of this committee.

Meets the first Wednesday of the month at 11:15 a.m. at the Summit Center.

For more information, please contact Committee Chair Chris Citti.

Red Badge Commitments

The value of Rotary comes as a result of your participation. 
The following Red Badge commitments are intended to educate and engage new Members.
You will receive a Blue Badge after you have been a Red Badge Member for one year
during which time it is expected that these commitments will have been fulfilled.

Getting started

Attend a one hour Orientation at the Gordon House.
Initiation fee and dues should be paid at (or before) your orientation.

Introduce yourself to the Club Members at a Wednesday meeting.
Your introduction needs to be scheduled with the Rotary office.

Start attending  Red Badge Committee meetings.
The Red Badge Committee meets 11 times (except June) on the first Wednesday of the month at 11:15 a.m. at the Rotary Summit Center.  You will receive information from Committee Chairs and learn about  Rotary as well as making new friendships with the other Red Badge Members.

Service commitments

Help with set-up and clean-up for two Rotary barbecues in June and September.
There are both early and later shifts available to accommodate schedule conflicts.

Participate in a Red Badge Community Service Project. 
It is important to join the group work day if possible, but you can help plan the activity, get donations, or bring refreshments if you are unable to work directly on the project.

Join at least one committee within your first 6 months in the Club.
There are 36 service and social committees in San Jose Rotary. Choose one or two that match your interests. Make sure the Committee Chair adds you to the committee roster.

Connect with other Rotary Members

Participate in the Greeting Line with the other Red Badge Members  (3-4  times a year)

Be in charge of the traveling microphones at a meeting (2-3 times during your first year)

Attend at least one Rotary social activity with your significant other

Participate in other Club-wide service opportunities

Attend a Rotary District 5170 event or a Rotary meeting at a different Rotary Club