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Don Goldeen Award

The Awards Committee - Selects the annual recipient of the Don Goldeen Award for the person(s) that have made a significant contribution to the City of San Jose. Typically Goldeen Committee meets only one time a year (mid-November) to select a Goldeen Recipient based on the nominations and votes of the Committee members.

Purpose of the Award: Select a person(s) or entity that has made significant contribution to the City of San Jose. The recipient(s) need not be members of the San Jose Rotary (9 out of 16 recipients not Rotarians).

Background: The award is named in honor of Don Goldeen who was an active member of the San Jose Rotary. He made a great contribution to and was a great supporter of downtown San Jose. Don served on the Board of Directors of the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce and was one of the founders of the Metro Trust. The latter provides funding for worthwhile community projects for downtown San Jose. Don also provided for the Benny Bufano statute that appears in front of the Center for Performing Arts. Personally, he made his own commitment to downtown San Jose by keeping his retail furniture business in downtown San Jose when other retail businesses left the area.

The Don Goldeen Committee will solicit recommendations for its October meeting from Goldeen Committee members, our Rotary Club members, other people active in the community (i.e. non-Rotarians), and past recipients for possible nominees that have played a significant role in San Jose over the years and/or with a particular significant service to the community. Any Rotarian interested in serving on the Goldeen Committee is welcome to do so.

Recognition: Recognition will given to the recipient(s) at the Thanksgiving luncheon in November. A commemorative plaque will be given by the San Jose Rotary Club to the recipient.

The Committee's nominees and selection are kept secret until the announcement at the luncheon!!!!.

New members are always welcome to join the Goldeen Committee . . .

Contact Bob Kieve.